Counter Clockwise Watches & Clocks

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One of our Twitter followers mentioned a Goofy counterclockwise watch they once had and how they wished they could find a nicer counterclockwise watch.

john_lafemina@PrecisionTime thanks 4 the follow - my favorite watch ever - a goofy watch ran counterclockwise! wish I could find a nice one that did that.
I had never actually heard of a counterclockwise watch and thought that would make a perfect "Weird Watch" post. So I did a little research and here's what I found. If you know of any other counterclockwise watches or clocks, add a link in the comment box below.

Counterclockwise Watches

elan watch by spali.

Counterclockwise Clocks

Counterclockwise clock (black & white)

If you know of any other "Counterclockwise" watches or clocks, add a link in the comments section below.

If you like the post, feel free to add comments below or create a link to our blog. Thanks from "The Watch Experts."

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richardwilkins said...

A mens watch with a counter clockwise system? maybe my Dad will get late if he have that watch.

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hustla said...

are these watches available in South Africa

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