On the cooler side of watch: Vizux Wrap 310 video eyewear

Author: Samuel /

It's the least weird looking video eyewear in the market today. Vuzix has brought great gadgets for us to enjoy and the Vuzix Wrap 310 video eyewear is the latest release for virtual big screen lovers.

It’s out of the futuristic visor look and in with the smooth and save look; Wrap 310 is stylish way to enjoy your fave DVD movies as you watch them it's sunglass-style 55-inch screen widescreen. Since its zero heinous looking, it will definitely not attract stares.

This gadget supports all common formats of 3D videos with maximum compatibility. another plus factor for this is it's compatibility to work with different gadgets like iPhones and iPods, most portable DVD players and even mobile phones that have video output to Laptops, TV, and PMPs. One may take it as total geekiness but its undeniably total coolness as well.